Hi there, we’re Spicy Acorn, a creative studio fueled by artists

Our team has over a decade of experience working in animation and one thing’s for sure, the longer you’re in it, the nerdier you get. We have a knack for storytelling and character animation but are up for any challenge as long as it’s entertaining, inventive and gives us a good reason to drink 7 cups of coffee a day.  We believe that even the smallest ideas have the potential of becoming promising projects, if you just treat them with the right amount of passion and craftsmanship.

Kind of like how just one tiny acorn can blossom into a massive oak tree.

We promise to be as supportive as a soccer mom on a rainy day, from the very first script to the last 1% of the final export. We’re eager to add our expertise and boldness to deliver work that matters. Our studio enables us to be personally involved with every project. We’re ready to get to know your thoughts and experiences, right here at the studio, by email or through a (pants-less) videocall.

Let’s talk!